Cloud Mining

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Cloud Mining

This websites are to be used with caution.
That’s why we recommend you never send money to these sites.

Many cloud mining websites ask you to pay in exchange for computing power and strangely close a few days / weeks after.
Here, we will try to offer you the most serious services.
If I confirm a mining website, I will add a “Status: OK” before the link.
Thank you for considering this as a friendly warning.


Hashflare is one of the best known mining sites. We invested on site for $ 1.20 (approximately 500,000 Satoshis) in June 2017.
Until March 2018, we have gained about 250,000 Satoshis.We reinvested some satoshis to SCRYPT (BTC mining) and ETHASH (ETH mining). Now we have 69000 Satoshis and 0,00086722 Ethereum by mining on Hashflare.

We will have to wait a long time before the investment is profitable.
We consider that Hashflare is a safe site but be careful!

Status: OK!



Cryptominingfarm offers you 50 GH/S for 15 years! But you need to know that to claim your winnings, to have the opportunity to withdraw, you have to buy 20GHS.
We expect to achieve a sufficient balance to continue using this site and without a real investment.
We started using this site in April 2017 and have gain 450K SAT on June 2018!

Its hard but this cloud mining website is among the best!!

Status: Ok!

cloud mining