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Here you will find a list of best bitcoin faucet!

This list will be regularly updated so do not forget to come back!

If you want your faucet appears on this list, please send me a mail at the address on the footer.

List of best bitcoin faucet!

There are different types of faucets.
– For and, Many faucets are proposed to you. To use their services, you must have created an account on and insert your bitcoin address on it. Really fun faucets and very good community!

best bitcoin faucet is a very good faucet, daily loyalty, referral and mystery bonus!
To use, you must create a account and also need a account is safe, I use it.

– Other faucets pay directly or request a payment threshold (usually between 10000 and 25000 satoshis)

– Many faucets need an address linked to

Let’s go!

Cashout Type
Welovefaucet10~ 30 – 100No Minimum[FaucetHub]
GalaxyBitcoin10~ 30 – 100No Minimum[FaucetHub]
PlayBitcoin5~25No Minimum[FaucetHub]
Hotcoins10~ 40 – 100Instant[FaucetHub]
Bitaler120~ 10 – 1500Instant[FaucetHub]
BigBTC5~ 10 – 1000No Minimum[FaucetHub]
MoonBitcoin5~ 20 – 8010000CoinPot
Bitfun15~ 20020000CoinPot
BonusBitcoin15~ 14020000CoinPot
FreeBitco60~ 5030000[Direct] [Weekly] Instant [Fees]
FieldBitcoins5~ 08 – 1725000[Direct][Xapo]
WeatherX5~ 7010000[FaucetHub] [FaucetSystem]
GetYourBitcoin5~ 40 – 65No Minimum[FaucetHub] [FaucetSystem]
Crazysat5~ 40Instant[FaucetHub]
DailyFreeBits60~ 30 – 1200500[FaucetHub]
BitSilver5~ 10 – 40No Minimum[FaucetHub] [FaucetSystem]
BitUniverse5~ 10 – 40No Minimum[FaucetHub] [FaucetSystem]
HueFaucet5~ 10 – 20No Minimum[FaucetHub] [FaucetSystem]
Bitlucky5~ 10 – 40No Minimum[FaucetHub] [FaucetSystem]
BtcForClicks5~ 10 – 40No Minimum[FaucetHub] [FaucetSystem]
BitGolden5~ 10 – 40No Minimum[FaucetHub] [FaucetSystem]
Btc4Clicks5~ 10 – 30No Minimum[FaucetHub]
TimeforBitcoin5~ 40 – 10020000[FaucetHub] [FaucetSystem]
Sunbtc5~ 100 – 20020000[FaucetHub] [FaucetSystem]
Chronox5~ 100 – 20020000[FaucetHub] [FaucetSystem]
BitDesire30~ 60 – 500No Minimum[FaucetHub]
GoBits1~ 10 – 40Instant[FaucetHub]
Btcforfree15~ 11 – 19Instant[FaucetHub]
Btcforfree25~ 11 – 19Instant[FaucetHub]
BitGanancias30~ 15Instant[FaucetHub]